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Remote Hi-Hat Louis Rushton Mfg.

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The LRM system for Hi-Hats is a device that allows the custom modification of most conventional medium and heavy-duty hi-hat stands. The results are a remote hi-hat system with the ACTION of the original stand (In some cases action can improve). At rest pedal height adjustments, and full range tension adjustments are standard. Leg options available, and of course the ability to put the pedal and hats at your choice of locations with out compromising the feel of the action of a conventional stand.


Being able to adjust the hats even a few inches or slight angles allows for a better fit that means more comfort and easer playing, which I think equals faster and longer playing.


We have tested this system in the public with drummers just like you and me as far away as 12 feet, which is to far to reach and is of little or no use to anyone, yet it still responds with the same feel of action as a conventional hi-hat stand. It’s quick, light, on time, and with a sensitivity to feel the tap of the stick or the sizzle of the hats. Everyone was amazed, but agreed, the quality of performance remained no mater the length or model of the system.


As for durability I’ve been using my Free Air for over three years, no sign of wear.


There are three models to choose from.
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Straight Line

Free Air

Straight Line Leg-Less

The system is sold custom hand fitted to your stand of choice or with a stand supplied. (Due to cost we use lesser-known but solidly built heavy double braced stands. We tweak them, and then we modify them.) This is a custom hand built heavy-duty system. Prices vary due to parts and models. Contact us for costs and modification compatibility or even if you just have a question. Include Make, Model, and the *diameter’s of the *lower and *upper tubes of your stand, and which *model or *models your interested in. (* Required) Lets see if your Hi-Hat stand can be modified to an LRM system. It’s free. 

Louis Rushton Mfg